The Challenge: Re-energize the Marketing Strategy for IASA’s Annual Event 

For nearly 100 years, the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) has been the voice of the insurance industry and the only trusted source for knowledge and innovation that guides the broad insurance community. 

Their annual event, IASA Xchange, is the insurance industry's only national event designed for all career levels, verticals, and specialties, enabling open dialogue, problem-solving, and collaboration to solve real-world insurance challenges. 

Not only is this event historically a favorite networking opportunity among IASA members and partners; it’s an essential revenue generator for IASA

But in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced IASA to cancel their in-person event and transition to a virtual one. The event was also held virtually in 2021. In 2022, IASA was eager to reintroduce IASA Xchange as an in-person event and re-engage with their members, but they were met with much lower-than-expected attendance. 

Stakes were high to attract new registrants and re-engage former regular attendees in order to ensure a thriving 2023 event.

Kerry Crockett, CEO, knew that in order to meet ambitious ticket sales goals, protect sponsorship revenue, and ensure the success of IASA Xchange 2023 - they were going to have to take a different approach. IASA needed a new, data-backed strategy to regain lost momentum and generate event registrations. 

The Solution: Live Engagement Campaigns to Promote Ticket Sales

In addition to their traditional event marketing efforts, IASA created a series of live engagement campaigns in Hum to promote special ticket pricing: 

  • Early bird pricing
  • Advanced registration pricing
  • Founder’s Day ticket discount

These live engagement campaigns use data and AI to launch targeted pop-up lead-generation forms, allowing IASA to reach members and readers as they were actively engaging with the IASA content.

Because Hum constantly listens for demographic, transactional, and behavioral signals, IASA already had a wealth of collected and connected reader profiles to help them refine the targeting for these automated campaigns; for example, excluding audience members who had already registered for the event, or launching tailored calls to action for members within driving distance of the event location.

The Results: $40K in Event Registrations 

Over the course of six weeks, these live engagement campaigns were viewed more than 5,000 times by visitors accessing IASA content and resources. 

Iasa Case Study

In total, the live engagement campaigns generated over 300 form submissions from members and readers interested in learning more about the event or taking advantage of special ticket pricing.

As a direct result of these campaigns, more than 50 people registered for the event, helping IASA meet their ambitious attendee goals and generating over $40K in ticket sales revenue.

“Hum’s live engagement campaigns took minutes to create, were simple to implement on our site, and made it easy to capture interest while our members and other audiences were already engaging with IASA content," said Crockett.

“This was a critical year for IASA Xchange, and Hum’s real-time, live engagement campaigns played a fundamental role in the promotion and success of our annual event."


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