The Challenge: Generate more newsletter sign-ups

The CyberRisk Alliance was looking to actively and strategically pursue new newsletter sign-ups for the SC Daily Scan newsletter.  

CRA was formed to help cybersecurity professionals face the challenges and obstacles that threaten the success and prosperity of their organizations. They provide business intelligence and information services to help the growing community build effective strategies and make smart decisions, and innovative marketing solutions to galvanize an efficient marketplace.

SC Media is the flagship publication of CRA, and the gateway to content from Security Weekly, CRA Business Intelligence, Infosec World, & SC Events, offering insights and resources to convene and engage the cyber community.

The Daily Scan newsletter is a powerful tool to share important topics and breaking cybersecurity news with CRA's readers, but new subscriptions had grown stagnant - and CRA was looking for a data-backed way to get their most engaged readers on the send list. 

The Solution: Target readers who engage with SC Media content with timely newsletter sign-up forms

To do this, the CRA team built a segment in Hum to identify readers that had visited the site in the past 60 days, filtering out anyone that had already subscribed to the SC Daily Scan newsletter. 

Using Hum’s lead generation campaign tool, CRA built a pop-up form to target members in this segment when they’re active on the SC Media website. This form will show whenever one of the members of this segment visits the SC Media website, meaning CRA can target them while they’re actively engaged and remind them to subscribe.

The Results: 1,000+ subscribers 

CRA had identified 463,150 users who were engaging with SC Media content and were eligible to be shown the newsletter lead generation campaign.

After three months’ time, CRA generated 1,049 new newsletter subsrcibers, compared to virtually zero new subscribers the three months prior.

Better yet - because Hum form fills are synced directly in Marketo, this lead generation campaign will continue to identify, target, and convert new subscribers and CRA will continue to grow their reach without requiring oversight or time from their team. 

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder CRA is planning to implement Hum lead gen forms on their other sites as well. (Check back soon for more…)


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