• Maximizing Events with Member Journey Data

    Maximizing Events with Member Journey Data

    Your association might have great webinars and events - but in order to compete with professional development alternatives and maximize attendance and engagement, you need to up your game in how your deliver those programs to your members.

  • Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    With Hum, you’ll get inspiration for improving event programming from many data sources across your organization. Hum pulls real-time engagement trends from sources like your learning systems, website, blog, marketing, and, of course, recent events, to show you what your audience is most interested in. Use this information to improve future events content, and create new programming proven to excite and engage members, including those you are most keen to reach. Make your programming more relevant, comprehensive, interesting, and better aligned to specific potential attendee populations you may currently be missing.

  • How Should Technology Support Content Strategy?

    How Should Technology Support Content Strategy?

    President of CyberRisk Alliance & Hum Advisor, John Whelan, joins Hilary Marsh, Chief Strategist of Content Company Inc. to discuss data-driven content strategies. This snippet taken from the Association Forum’s SmartTech Conference explores the way that technology unites associations by improving their understanding of member behavior. These two business intelligence experts explore a unified approach to generating feedback and creating better experiences for association members.

  • How to Make Smarter Content

    How to Make Smarter Content

    You’ve heard of content strategy and content marketing, but how about content intelligence? Or, having a data-driven understanding of how your content is performing.

  • 2021 Personalization at Associations Report

    2021 Personalization at Associations Report

    Did you know that approximately 63% of members expect digital content to adjust based on their behavior? And yet, only 25% of associations have plans to launch personalized communications in 2021. Read on if you're ready to rethink your approach.

  • Sharing Content Data with Every Association Team

    Sharing Content Data with Every Association Team

    Hum connects all your technology systems to share one unified view of how people interact across your whole organization. Get unified behavioral and content insights across your learning systems, websites, publishing solutions, events, marketing platforms, and more. With Hum, these data insights are easily shareable and actionable for all your teams. And that’s just the operational benefit of the Hum platform. Connected operations lead to a seamless experience for your members and subscribers too. Hum shares data back out to your connected systems to make each and every experience smarter. Hum connects visitors with the types of content they are most interested in, from blog posts to webinars to learning sessions, and more.

  • Improving Event Marketing

    Improving Event Marketing

    When you have the ability to cultivate a larger audience and engage them year-round, event marketing is easier, and more targeted. Via Hum’s intelligence, you already know who will be interested in an event. And with targeted emails, based on Hum real-time segments, you have a high-impact, low-cost channel to nurture your audience toward event signups.

  • Audience Strategy Resources Roundup

    Audience Strategy Resources Roundup

    We believe that audience strategy is a key element to association and society success in a digital first environment. Audience strategy asks associations to shift their focus from members to a broader audience of potential members, partners, thought leaders and more. This shift helps associations transform their member-centric models into a dynamic, global, growth-minded approach.

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