Creating a segment to promote your next webinar, article, or blog post just got simpler! 

Hum’s Profile Search feature makes it possible to identify the audience members who are most likely to be interested and engaged with any individual piece of content. 

How does Profile Search work?

Hum’s AI engine, Alchemist, is constantly reading and understanding your full library, using natural language processing to accurately and consistently tag your content and translating information about how your audience members are engaging with that content. 

With Profile Search, generating the optimal target segment for your content takes seconds.

To generate a segment in Hum’s Audience Explorer, use the “Profile Search” filter and plug in a description or summary for a piece of content. Hum conducts an audience deep search to surface a list of only the readers and members who are most likely to be interested in that content based on their past behavior. 

The result? A tailored audience segment primed for your new article before you even hit publish.

Use profile search to generate marketing lists to promote new content or upcoming events, explore potential interest in various special issue topics or event themes, or prioritize new content creation by expected impact. 

Learn more about what Alchemist can do, or request a demo with Hum today to see Profile Search up close.