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  • Forget CDPs - This Intelligence Software  is Built for Associations

    Forget CDPs - This Intelligence Software is Built for Associations

    Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become popular over the last decade because they listen to everything a user is telling you across your various systems. CDPs paint 360 pictures about how individuals and groups interact with your organization. CDPs can be complicated, sharing data that's very difficult to understand and act on. Enter the Association Intelligence Platform (AIP). This subset of CDPs exists to address concerns specific to non-profits like associations and societies.

  • How Hum Works

    How Hum Works

    Hum Chief Growth Officer Jake Zarnegar introduces Hum: the Association Intelligence Platform. Take this two minute tour to get an idea of how Hum integrates your existing systems and technology to enable radical digital growth at your association.

  • Meet Hum

    Meet Hum

    Hi, We're Hum - the world's first and only association intelligence platform. Our goal is to make complex data stories easy for your association to understand and act on. How do we do it? It all starts with unified data, and no, unifying your systems honest require a full tech overhaul. Watch this short introductory video with our Chief Growth Officer, Jake Zarnegar to learn more.

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