• From Churn to Charmed: Modern Member Retention Tactics

    From Churn to Charmed: Modern Member Retention Tactics

    Delighting members step is critical to ensuring renewals. Unfortunately it’s also the most difficult. Associations have to understand which content, products and programs are most interesting to members in order to keep them engaged and renewing their membership.

  • Growing the Membership

    Growing the Membership

    Hum’s intelligence platform reveals deep, real-time behavioral insights about your members and your potential members. You gain a thorough understanding of individuals and groups that are most engaged with your content, events, and experiences. Use the topics that interest them to improve engagement, increase content consumption, and attract new members and a broader audience. On the flip side, Hum gives you the ability to analyze the behavior of members that aren’t engaging. Hum helps you understand why, so you can bring them back into the fold.

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