The Challenge: Maximize the Marketing Impact for SSPs Biggest Event

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) was looking ahead to its 45th Annual Meeting - set for June 2023 in Portland, Oregon.

SSP is a nonprofit organization formed to promote and advance communication within the scholarly publication community through networking, information dissemination, and facilitation of new developments in the field. 

SSP’s Annual Meeing is focused on bringing together academics, funders, librarians, publishers, service providers, technologists, and countless others with a communal interest and stake in disseminating scholarly information. Each year, a large crowd of industry leaders flocks to this meeting for educational sessions and networking opportunities.

It’s a big event! 

And with a small but mighty team, SSP was looking for an effective way to reach engaged members and generate interest in the event, as well as an efficient method for Marketing to identify interested members and follow up to generate registrations. 

The Solution: “Right Time” Marketing to Capture Interest

To identify and reach the right potential attendees at just the right time, SSP turned to Hum. 

SSP set up four Hum live engagement campaigns to deliver timely calls to action. These live engagement campaigns use data and AI to recognize visitors in tailored segments, automating pop-ups with lead generation forms for those visitors when they’re actively engaging with SSP content and prompting them to take the next step.

Among them,

  • An early registration campaign shown to visitors to the Annual Meeting pages who had not yet registered, promoting the early-bird pricing and deadline.
  • An affinity-based campaign targeting non-registered SSP members based on their interest in specific topics.

    SSP relies on Alchemist, Hum’s AI engine, which uses NLP technology to accurately and consistently tag content and connect individual readers to the topics they find most engaging. This allowed SSP to filter its target audience down to users with a demonstrated interest in the issues being discussed at the annual event - for example, academic integrity or OA.

As potential attendees filled out forms indicating interest or intent to purchase tickets for the Annual Meeting, the SSP team was able to prioritize follow-up and focus their event marketing efforts on those most likely to attend. 

The Results: 31 New Event Attendees 

In just twelve days, the early registration campaign garnered 16,716 impressions from engaged website visitors & 243 lead generation form submissions. The affinity-based campaign garnered 127 impressions and 13 form submissions. 

Ssp Case Study

The pop-ups served as an awareness builder for newer members, as well as an additional reminder for SSP members that attended in the past but had not yet purchased their tickets. This, in coordination with email follow-up and other SSP event marketing efforts, had a cumulative effect in driving total registrations among members and readers. 

In some cases, the campaigns expedited the registration process to the extent that Marketing didn’t need to do much follow-up work at all! 18 people who responded to one of the live engagement campaigns registered for the Annual Meeting within 48 hours. 

These campaigns also surfaced 31 registrants that were previously unfamiliar to the SSP community.

“I am delighted with the impact of Hum's live campaigns tool! Not only did it deliver excellent results by bringing in 31 new community members to our Annual Meeting, but it also significantly saved me time and effort,” said Jacklyn Lord, SSP Marketing and Operations Manager

“With many customization options and efficient automation, I could focus on other critical aspects of our marketing strategy while still expanding the reach of our campaigns. Working with Hum is enabling us to achieve greater campaign results and community growth with ease.”


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