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When you have the ability to cultivate a larger audience and engage them year-round, event marketing is easier, and more targeted. Via Hum’s intelligence, you already know who will be interested in an event. And with targeted emails, based on Hum real-time audience segments, you have a high-impact, low-cost channel to nurture your audience toward event signups.


Your annual event agenda is set. Your marketing and events teams want to work together to identify and then target individuals who are most likely to find value in your event.


  • Data Intelliegnce - Hum  
  • Digital Events Platform - Swoogo
  • Blog + Website - Squarespace
  • LMS - D2L
  • Social - LinkedIn
  • Email - Mailchimp

Marketing Systems

The Hum Approach to Targeted Event Marketing

  1. You start by grouping your event sessions by topical categories. 
  2. For each of these categories, you use Hum to create a segment of users who have recently engaged with thematically similar blog posts, webinars, sessions and site content.
  3. Your marketing team creates specific messaging and communications funnels to address the particular interests of each of these segments. 
  4. These multi-channel campaigns include a mix of targeted paid advertising on LinkedIn, email series, and on-site displays that encourage your segments to register for the event. 
  5. Hum orchestrates the planning and execution of these campaigns, and connects to your LinkedIn, email and website to power easy launch. 

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