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The Hum Platform shares content intelligence that digs deep into engagement trends across all your digital content. Understand which topics and formats are most popular, and see how content engages by audience segment. Use this information to repurpose your highest-performing content, and revisit “good” pieces that could be “great” with just a tweak or two. Every piece of content is full of potential, and chances are, it just needs a little refreshing.


We recently launched a new on-demand webinar that isn’t getting enough engagement. How can we improve it?


  • Data Intelligence - Hum
  • Blog + Website - Squarespace
  • LMS - Litmos
  • MarTech - Omeda

Content Improvements

The Hum Approach to Boosting Engagement with an Underperforming Webinar

  1. The first step is to use the Hum dashboard to get some insight into who is interacting with the underperforming webinar.  
  2. You notice some patterns - these individuals are all early-career  professionals in a very specific subset of your industry. 
  3. You decide to create a Hum segment around these parameters to understand this group’s interests more broadly. 
  4. Once you’ve created the segment, you can look at the types of content and topics that interest the segment. You notice a few key trends that are related to your webinar, but aren’t prioritized in the session description or marketing.
  5. You decide to update the description to make the webinar sound more compelling to this audience segment that data shows is likely to engage. 
  6. All this research makes you realize you’re missing an opportunity to share more insight around the topic that interests your early-career segment. You decide to create a blog article that expands on the related topics that interest your segment, and also promotes the webinar. 
  7. Once the content has been optimized for this group, the marketing team develops an email campaign and sends it to this audience segment. 
  8. Thanks to your Hum research, Marketing now understands what the segment is truly interested in, so the messaging is hyper-targeted and specific.
  9. You also toggle on Hum’s personalization widget, which suggests content to specific site visitors based on their behavior and preferences. The next time your early-career segment visits the website, they immediately see your webinar and new supporting article. 
  10. Finally, the content gets the engagement it deserves!

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