2023 was a year of immense growth and new developments for Hum as we leveraged the power of data to accelerate our capabilities - both through enhanced CDP functionality and state-of-the-art AI implementations. We expanded the ways users can ingest, explore, and activate data while pioneering new audience insights.

Over the course of 2023, Hum clients:

  • Built more than 1377 segments
  • Identified over 168 million unique profiles
  • Connected over 240 million pieces of content 
  • Launched more than 490 campaigns

On the CDP side, we rolled out a collection of upgrades to provide customers with richer segmentation functionality and wider access to their first-party data assets. This included new integrations with data sources, expanded filtering options in Audience Explorer, and new tools to craft and deploy live engagement campaigns

It was an exciting year of working with a roster of new Hum clients, as well as many opportunities to connect with future ones. We sent Dustin, John, and Tim all over the map to share case studies and discuss innovative new frontiers in publishing at industry events. 

The crown jewel of Hum's 2023 achievements was the coming out party for Alchemist - our proprietary AI engine. With advanced machine learning models, Alchemist is able to infer deeper psychographic dimensions of customers through a sophisticated understanding of content affinities and behavioral nuances. (We even open-sourced Lodestone.V1 - our novel LLM capable of reading and understanding mid-length research papers!)

The initial Alchemist integrations opened up game-changing potential for audience and content intelligence:

  • AI Inferred Interests: Auto-curated interest categories for users based on AI content analysis
  • Profile Search: Ability to discover high-affinity audiences based on a text description of a piece of content
  • Infinite Affinities: Endless affinity combinations predicted by Alchemist to help tailor nuanced segments

Of course, this is only the beginning of the innovations Alchemist will power. Expect more predictive recommendations, advanced model finetuning, and personalized experiences as Hum leans further into leading-edge intelligence in 2024! 

Cheers to the year ahead! 

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