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Hum’s intelligence platform reveals deep, real-time behavioral insights about your members and your potential members. You gain a thorough understanding of individuals and groups that are most engaged with your content, events, and experiences. Use the topics that interest them to improve engagement, increase content consumption, and attract new members and a broader audience.


You want to increase membership amongst international professionals.


  • Data Intelligence - Hum
  • Blog + Website - Wix
  • LMS - D2L
  • Social - LinkedIn
  • Email - Mailchimp

Audience Growth Toolkit

The Hum Approach to Growing Membership Amongst International Professionals

  1. You start by creating a segment for your existing international members and anonymous international visitors. 
  2. You analyze this group’s content affinities to get a sense for what topics and content interest them. 
  3. As you do so, you realize  that a large portion of your international segment contains international users who have already opted into your email, but who haven’t converted to become members.
  4. You target these “identified” individuals with an email series serving up content related to their content affinities, outlining the benefits of membership, and inviting them to become members. 
  5. For your anonymous individuals, you use these identified topics to design advertising that can be deployed to lookalike audiences across LinkedIn. Your lookalike campaign has the ability to target your anonymous internationals as well as new, similar international audiences. 
  6.  Your LinkedIn campaign sends prospective international members to your site, where they can be nurtured with personalized experiences developed with their topic affinities in mind. 
  7. As you learn more about your target audience and their preferences, you add new segments and refine your nurturing campaigns.

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