Charlottesville, VA | March 16th, 2022 - Press Release

Hum, the only Customer Data Platform (CDP) purpose built for scholarly and professional publishing, launches AI-powered solutions that make unifying and activating first-party publisher data easier and more affordable than ever before. 

According to a 2021 study, 85% of publishers acknowledge that first-party data will be important to the future of their business. Yet, only 7% are very satisfied with their current solution for activating first-party data. 

The only CDP built for research publishers, Hum generates deep insights on how publishing audiences interact with content (whether journal, book, blog, video, or content marketing).  Hum makes unifying and leveraging first-party publisher data easier than ever, with a simple and intuitive interface and dynamic visualizations of your data. 

A CDP Built for Top Publishing Use Cases 

Powered by artificial intelligence, Hum solutions marry data insight with human expertise. Solutions are all-inclusive of CDP technology, training, and support to make fast progress towards top publisher growth goals:

  • Identify Anonymous Readers and Audience: Build direct relationships with readers, authors, and customers. Hum combines 360° user profiles with identity signals to expand your identified audience.
  • Increase Institutional and OA Revenues: Drive new revenues and bolster renewals. Hum arms your sales team with first-party data on usage, engagement, and content consumption - so you can approach libraries and institutions with insights that drive sales.
  • Recruit Reviewers and Authors: Hum helps you determine top author/reviewer candidates, target those with a high likelihood to submit/review, and deliver personalized care and attention to keep existing authors engaged.
  • And More: Hum helps publishers develop a “golden record” of user activity across your journals and digital properties, optimize advertising and marketing performance, develop personalized experiences, engage readers, develop new products, improve content strategy, taxonomy and performance, cultivate intelligence and analytics, and much more. 

Learn more about Hum's CDP for scholarly publishers, or contact Hum’s team to discuss your most pressing growth goals. 

What Clients are Saying about Hum:


"We are excited about aggregating the information from all of our systems into one convenient platform. Hum informs SSP’s strategy and focus so that we can develop the experiences that our members need and expect.” 

- Melanie Dolecheck, Executive Director, Society for Scholarly Publishing
Read the SSP Case Study


"We’re delighted to select Hum as our CDP partner. Hum impressed us with the range and quality of tools that come standard with the platform. It shows a deep understanding of underlying market needs and the ability to translate it to clean design and product sets."

- John Whelan, President, CyberRisk Alliance
Read the CRA Case Study


About Hum:

Hum is a team of digital experts enabled by the only Customer Data Platform purpose-built to help scholarly and professional publishers grow. Hum’s CDP unifies technology systems and tracks digital interactions to provide a 360-degree view of every reader, author and subscriber. Hum activates this first-party intelligence to help publishers grow. 

Hum comes out of Silverchair, an organization with 25 years of experience in connecting the biggest brands in scholarly and professional publishing with global communities.

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