Hum is proud to announce a technology partnership with The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), as they begin their data-powered growth journey. With a Hum Customer Data Platform implementation, SSP will use real-time member and audience feedback to evolve their offerings, improve digital experiences, and match members to experiences based on interests and behaviors.

Founded in 1978, SSP is a nonprofit organization formed to promote and advance communication among all sectors of the scholarly publication community through networking, information dissemination, and facilitation of new developments in the field. SSP also runs The Scholarly Kitchen, a content collective sharing thought leadership for the scholarly publishing industry. Hum will be working with SSP committees to grow membership, further advancement, launch new educational opportunities as well as career development initiatives.

Data Intelligence + Marketing Expertise

Hum will work in tandem with SSP on this data intelligence initiative, extending their internal marketing and communications team. With this partnership, Hum will equip SSP with the data intelligence needed to nimbly learn from their members and audience to grow their digital offerings and enhance digital experiences. We are excited to play such an integrated role in SSP’s digital development. And it’s safe to say, their Executive Director, Melanie Dolechek, is just as excited about this project as we are: 

“As a small organization with limited bandwidth, we are really excited about the opportunity to aggregate the information from all of our systems into one convenient platform. Our primary goal is to identify the important trends and information that our community is interested in and use that information to deliver targeted content and programs. The aggregate data will inform SSP’s strategy and focus so that we can develop the experiences that our members need and expect.” 

- Melanie Dolechek


Goals and Outcomes of the SSP + Hum Partnership

The first step towards digital transformation is data intelligence. By bringing on a CDP, SSP will be able to see how their members and audience move cohesively across their digital touchpoints, helping them know exactly what to do next to engage those people.  With Hum marketing services consulting in the partnership, SSP will get the digital expertise and strategy required to turn this intelligence into fast action. Together, we have some important goals to achieve:

  1. Generate  a clearer understanding of the relationship between The Scholarly Kitchen readers and SSP membership
  2. Use data-driven insights to pilot new content types, programs, and events
  3. Understand the SSP community’s interest in educational content and career development opportunities 
  4. Better leverage audience data to drive smart decision making and action taking as they implement a new (forthcoming) strategic plan

All of this will help SSP realize their ultimate goal of learning from digital audiences to grow their offerings and advance their mission both online, and off.  


How SSP will use Hum’s CDP to Evolve Digital Offers

Before we can evolve digital offers, we need to get a clear understanding of what interests or topics drive members towards offers in the first place. To understand these behaviors, Hum is integrating with key SSP websites and platforms, including The Scholarly Kitchen. This connection will allow us to understand the readership interests, overlaps and gaps between SSP’s most important digital destinations. We will also integrate SSP’s association management software and MarTech and community software, enabling us to learn more about audience interests and affinities. 

Our team of digital strategists will use the intelligence uncovered by this integration process to provide recommendations and strategies towards key outcomes, while working to accomplish broader overall goals. Hum will work directly with SSP’s staff and volunteers, providing them with reporting and strategies designed to accelerate goals achievement

Learning from Digital Behavior

By connecting core technologies, SSP will get a 360 degree view of how digital users move across the entire organization.

These audience interests can be used to inform advanced segments built on common demographics, actions, content interests, or behavioral trends. These audience segments are dynamically sent back out to SSP’s MarTech platforms, allowing for personalized campaigns, content and experiences.

Developing New Content, Programs and Events

Hum’s “Content Intelligence” sets it apart from generic CDPs. This feature helps content rich organizations to understand how their audience  interacts with that content. Hum dynamically learns from those content interactions and uncovers preferences for topics and content types. Hum also suggests ways to improve that content, and activate the audience based on content intelligence. 

Hum’s content intelligence is one of the key features SSP will tap into to understand which pieces of content are most important to the audience (and segments of the audience). We’ll use these insights to evolve offerings, and improve marketing around those offers. 


The Results: Real-time Decision Making, Nimble, Data-Powered Growth

Hum’s goal is to help SSP realize their vision of using real-time audience trends and interests to improve digital offerings. With Hum’s data intelligence + marketing support, SSP will be able to create the programs, content, and events that the SSP audience wants and expects. In the long term, these efforts will support a broader strategic shift towards digital-first operations. 

Interested in hearing more about how this partnership evolves? We’ll be sharing updates every few months. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get them. We will report on our progress towards helping SSP achieve their ambitious goals. A subscription to the blog also grants access to real-time updates on other client case studies and broader thought leadership on digital topics for associations, societies and B2B media organizations.  

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