Charlottesville, VA | February 8th, 2021 - Press Release

Hum, a fast-growing tech startup, makes it easy for associations & societies to launch on-site, email and cross-platform personalization, competing with Silicon Valley giants. 

Personalization is imperative to the modern member experience. Hum makes personalization easier than ever before. 

In a digital environment where members say...

  • 70% say an organization’s understanding of their personal needs influences their loyalty;
  • 67% say it’s important for organizations to automatically adjust their content based on their current context for a real-time personalized experience;
  • 42% are annoyed when content isn’t personalized;

It’s clear that personalization is no longer “nice to have” - it’s expected. If associations can’t offer tailored experiences, they won’t survive.

About Hum

Hum’s Association Intelligence Platform unifies technology systems and tracks digital interactions across an entire organization. This intelligence allows associations & societies to deliver the personalized content and experiences that modern members crave. 

The Hum Platform...

  • Connects systems (website, AMS, LMS, events & marketing systems, etc.)
  • Develops unified profiles for groups and individuals
  • Segments audiences by behaviors, interests and preferences
  • Generates real time insights and feedback
  • Suggests opportunities to pivot based on member and audience behavior
  • Powers personalized association communication and experiences

Hum starts by integrating association systems: website, AMS, LMS, marketing systems, and more. The platform tracks user interactions across these systems to develop detailed profiles of individuals and groups, updated in real time. Organizations get a unified look at what’s working (and what isn’t) across member services, marketing, learning, networking, and events. Hum also helps associations act on their intelligence by mobilizing audiences, growing new revenue and launching personalized digital experiences. 

Early Feedback

“We see the Associations Intelligence Platform category as essential for associations in 2021 and beyond. What we really love about Hum is that they’re so much more than software - it unifies our systems to uncover actionable, data-driven ideas for growing our digital properties. The results have been transformational. Hum has helped us ensure success as we reimagine what digitalNow events and communications look like.”  

- Leadership Team, digitalNow Conference


“Associations must shift from an absolute member-only mentality to an audience mentality. My experience building HIMSS media proved this model -  we spent a number of years developing the mechanisms and technology, and we spent a lot of money to do so. Hum has taken those lessons and turned them into a tool that makes growing your audience, driving new revenues, and expanding reach, impact, and influence easier and more affordable than ever before.”

- Steve Lieber, CEO HIMSS  

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More Information

Hum was originally born out of Silverchair, an organization with 25 years of experience in connecting some of the biggest brands, associations and societies in scholarly and professional publishing with global communities.

Marketing and Press Contact:
Claire Glisson, VP of Marketing |

Sales Contact: 
John Challice, SVP of Business Development |