CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) was formed to help cybersecurity professionals face the challenges that threaten the success and prosperity of their organizations. CRA provides business intelligence and marketing services to help their community build effective strategies and make smart decisions.

Hum is proud to partner with CRA to help improve the way they interact with digital audiences. We’re installing our next generation Customer Data Platform (CDP) to inform better CRA audience segmentation, based on real-time behavior across their digital properties. Together with Hum, CRA will use these insights to deliver personalized products, content, and marketing experiences to their audience. 

Together, we’ve come up with some ambitious goals - we are ready to jump in and bring them to life. And it’s safe to say, CRA is just as excited to get started with this implementation. We caught up with CRA’s Chief Digital Officer, Joe Haddock to comment on the partnership: 


“We’re delighted to select Hum as our partner to deliver our CDP. The drivers of our strategic advantage will be our ability to grow our total audience reach while rapidly innovating our marketing solutions by providing tools and data-driven insights to deliver greater ROI for our clients. When we initially scoped out the features and services we were looking for from a partner, Hum really impressed us with the range and quality of tools that come as standard features of the platform – it shows a deep understanding of underlying market needs and the ability to translate it to clean design and product sets. We’re excited to bring a new range of solutions to market in the months ahead.”  

- Joe Haddock, Chief Digital Officer, CRA


Goals & Anticipated Growth Outcomes of the CRA/Hum Partnership

CRA’s vision is to provide advanced marketing solutions to their roster of blue chip cybersecurity clients.  Many of these clients are looking for brand safe environments for their messaging and real-time access to data-driven insight and predictive analytics to help shape campaigns and deliver better demand generation results. 

A successful Hum CDP implementation for CRA will result in the following:

  1. Securing CRA’s competitive edge by positioning themselves as a sophisticated partner to marketing clients 
  2. Using data to enable targeted, omnichannel strategies for moving audiences through funnels

CRA and Hum will accomplish these outcomes by:

  • Building audience segments based on behavior and/or traditional demographic details
  • Activating audience insights across marketing channels like social, email, websites & display advertising 
  • Generating real-time feedback loops between audience and marketing campaigns

CRA will know they are successful when they can launch fully integrated, customized experiences built for each audience segment, both to grow their audiences, and to add more value for their partners. 

How CRA will use Hum’s Customer Data Platform to Launch Custom Experiences

To realize CRA’s vision of being a more sophisticated partner with strategies for planning and executing omnichannel campaigns, they’ll use the Hum platform to track behavioral audience data and activate targeted campaigns. Specifically, Hum will help CRA  understand audience segments on a behavioral level. This  insight can be used to inform, plan and track integrated marketing campaigns, and generate real-time audience feedback to enable nimble pivots. 

Behavioral Segmentation

Hum enables advanced segmentation capabilities.  CRA can segment audiences around common behaviors (content reads, page visits, etc) and demographic details (titles, location, etc). These segments update in real time, giving CRA a dynamic snapshot of the goals and drivers of the audience. 

The segmentation tool pulls data from across every piece of technology in CRA’s ecosystem. This means CRA will have one unified system of record tracked across all their data sources. Because behavioral segments are created from data pulled across every available source, CRA will have a 360° view of audience behavior. 

Integrated Marketing & Campaign Tracking

Hum supercharges CRA’s marketing capabilities. As users interact with CRA digital content, segments inside the Hum CDP update in real-time. These segments automatically sync with CRA’s marketing platforms. As users continue to interact with content across the organization, Hum - and CRA’s marketing activity -  gets smarter. 

Hum’s marketing activation toolkit includes a campaign builder and a set of personalization widgets, all of which connect seamlessly to existing MarTech platforms. CRA can choose to easily configure and monitor campaign progress for growth and engagement goals. As campaigns run via email, paid social, or display advertising, Hum tracks and monitors progress towards goals like driving more site traffic, or increasing engagement with certain pieces of content.  Hum’s “set it and forget it” widgets automatically share personalized content recommendations to CRA website visitors. 

Because these activation features coincide with Hum’s powerful segmentation toolkit, account based marketing becomes easier, and more seamless than ever before. 

Real-Time Audience Feedback

Ultimately, the Hum capabilities described in this post will shift CRA’s approach to digital strategy, on behalf of themselves, and their clients. Access to real-time data and audience feedback means they’ll be able to quickly pivot based on engagement trends. Having one single system of record also means they’ll have unified customer insights. Those insights are accessible across the entire organization, effectively breaking down departmental or technological silos.

The Results: Improved Engagement, Expanded Reach, Greater Impact

CRA’s data-led approach will allow them to generate valuable feedback from their audience and customers in real time. They’ll be able to serve customer segments with exactly the content they want when they want (and need) it. They’ll also see the benefits of data-driven marketing via targeted messaging, leading to better growth and retention. 

We are just kicking things off with CRA, but we will share more details about our progress as we dig further into this project. If you’d like to see how our solutions measure up in reality, subscribe to follow along. We’ll update this case study with results, including numerical benchmarks and focus areas, in the coming months. 

Learn more about how Hum can help your organization shift to digital. We’d love to help you discover if a CDP is right for you.