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Find new life in your legacy systems. Your platforms may be older, but they are capable of generating valuable data on your membership. This data can be unlocked and used to meet its full strategic potential with the right unifying layer.  Hum’s intelligence platform makes it easy. Get access to data locked in legacy systems, and use that data in new, digital-first ways.


Your older platforms that were not built for first-party data collection. You don't want to replace them, but you would love to be a more data-driven organization. How can you get more out of your current systems?


  • Data Intelligence - Hum
  • CMS - Drupal
  • AMS- Nimble AMS
  • CRM - Ontraport
  • Events - Juno
  • LMS - D2L
  • Marketing Tech - Omeda

Aging Systems

The Hum Approach to Modernizing Your Systems

  1. We integrate Hum across your existing tech stack, starting with your most heavily trafficked digital properties so we can get the data flowing quickly.
  2. Hum starts to collect data that none of your other systems currently collect, watching for behavioral events across all your audience-facing properties.
  3. Hum shares easy-to-interpret insights about your content – what is working and what is not.
  4. Hum also shares insights into audience segments that include both demographic attributes (from your AMS), purchasing history (from your CRM), and behavioral attributes (from your CMS, LMS, and Events platforms).
  5. Because the data flows between Hum and your systems are two-way, you can feed these segments back into your marketing and CRM systems. And because Hum keeps updating segments automatically in real-time, they are always current. Use this data in your marketing outreach and social campaigns to target your outreach more precisely, and watch as engagement soars.
  6. You have now effectively added functionality to your existing systems!

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