In a digital environment where …

  • 70% say their loyalty is influenced by an organization’s understanding of their personal needs.
  • 67% say it’s important to adjust digital content based on their current context for a real-time personalized experience
  • 42% are annoyed when content isn’t personalized

It’s clear that personalization is no longer just “nice to have.” It’s a critical piece of the association experience.

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions.
76% get frustrated when that doesn’t happen. 
And yet, only 25% of associations have plans to launch personalized communications in the coming year. Read on if you're ready to rethink your approach.

This will be a year of pivotal change and growth for associations. In 2020, the industry showed it was capable of making significant short-term changes in response to the global pandemic. But associations have struggled to fully prepare for the future environment where digital-first engagement isn’t just growing in importance - it has taken over.

Our team took a deep dive into trends across industries and generations to discover what modern members expect from digital experiences. We compiled our findings into a free report designed to help associations understand modern member expectations.

This report is a collection of secondary research, insights and takeaways designed to help associations adapt in 2022. In recent years, e-commerce and online subscription businesses have introduced an environment where consumers have begun to expect a highly personalized experience from almost every digital interaction. In this report, you’ll discover the nuances of these new expectations. Expect helpful facts, stats, quotes and insights that you’ll want to share with your CIO. Finally, we’ll leave you with takeaways and a helpful checklist to begin launching custom experiences for your members, subscribers and partners. 

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