It is no secret that A.I., data analytics, and other digital tools are changing the way we do business. As associations begin to use predictive modeling to forecast the best future practices, they can leverage underutilized data to increase results by homing in on the prospects most likely to convert. Hum was created to help associations and member organizations that fail to leverage this power known as ‘big data.’ 

Data intelligence may sound intimidating, but upon closer inspection – It is merely a way to unify content and data to create new streams of revenues, subscriptions, and membership.

The future of your organization lies within unified data. 

Instead of guessing how likely a prospect is to join, you can utilize personalized first-party data to determine a member’s legitimate probability of joining the association (without the need of a programmer, data architect, engineer, or data scientist). 

With an operational strategy led by data intelligence, you can focus on growing your mission.  Don’t get bogged down with time-consuming and unproven retention tactics like distributing satisfaction surveys or running in circles to reinvent outreach and retention efforts. Instead, data intelligence helps you automate these key processes and provides the roadmap to help you actively grow the business via new data-driven products, targeted content, and personalized member campaigns.  

5 Reasons for Stagnating Association Growth

Perhaps you’ve recognized patterns like:

  • Stagnating membership numbers
  • Decreased retention rates
  • Less engagement with meetings and programs 

You’re not alone. 

Associations often observe stunted growth because they: 

  1. Operate in organizational silos
  2. Can’t digitally evolve fast enough 
  3. Don’t reach the right target audiences
  4. Aren’t adapting long-term renewal strategies
  5. Aren’t effectively engaging the younger generations 

Not only did the 2020 global pandemic bring the economy to a halt, but moreover, the e-marketplace for professional development content and resources became substantially more crowded. In a digital landscape that is flooded with competition, you must understand how and where to reach the right people. 

As the algorithms change and it becomes increasingly difficult for individuals to get eyes on your websites, it is more important than ever to have the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. 

While many associations are currently focusing on the next generation of professionals, (Millennials and Gen Z), keep in mind that these digital natives will expect nothing less than a fully seamless, personalized experience. In the age of customized experiences and tailored advertising – no one will go looking for you. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take charge of your first-party data and use it to actively improve the way you interact with members and prospects. 

Leveraging Data Without In-House Data Expertise

A CDP (Customer Data Platform) unifies and cleans up data sources and compiles data insights into a unified dashboard. Grown alongside the E-commerce industry, CDPs have helped giants like Amazon and Facebook understand consumer preferences to sell more efficiently. Associations should consider leveraging this data technology to better serve their audiences with content that aligns with individual preferences. 

Hum is the only data platform built with member organizations in mind. Our next generation Customer Data Platform (CDP) was built to solve the digital challenges foced by associations and societies.

We exist to make digital transformation easy and affordable for all associations and member organizations. As our Chief Technology Officer, Niall Little, describes:

“Hum's CDP tracks data, just like a generic CDP would, but it has another layer. It also includes an association-specific activation engine to better grow and engage members and audiences. Essentially, CDPs take the need for a Data Scientist out of the equation. They make it easy for an organization to activate members, subscribers, and partners via integrations with each piece of your existing tech stack.”

What Hum's Customer Data Platform Brings To The Table

Your association is already collectng a ton of member data. Hum helps you learn how to better leverage technology to expand your organization’s mission.
Seeking to enable to radical growth of your organization, Hum offers:

  • Unified systems
  • Member insights
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced content and audience intelligence 
  • Activation tools that send data intel back out to your systems

We do this by acting as an umbrella over your pre-existing infrastructures (AMS, LMS, MarTech, etc.). Hum does not replace any existing technology systems, but rather, helps them all work together in unison.

Ultimately, Hum moves your organizational strategy forward by sharing unified data from across all these systems. It also pulls out easy-to-interpret insights that help you act on your newfound intelligence.  

The Results of Hum’s Data Intelligence

Hum helps you to:

  • Track engagement across systems
  • Identify areas of growth
  • Understand what content is working versus not working
  • Analyze keyword impact for content optimization 
  • Gain a clearer view of what drives individuals and groups of members, subscribers, and partners
  • Unify your existing content

This results in:

  • Strengthening your revenue
  • Pivoting in real-time
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Growing your total audience
  • Creating smarter content
  • Improving retention with happier members

Discover the Power of Digital-First Operations

Transforming your digital strategy is no small feat, but Hum’s intelligence software was developed exclusively for associations to simplify these impactful insights. Not only do we track your members’ behavioral data, but we also help you to understand it and break it down into bite-sized pieces that can easily be developed into actionable steps. 

You do not need an agile team of data visualization experts, data translators, or programmers – You only need the support of Hum’s data intelligence software to help you create the custom experiences that modern members crave

As our Director of Marketing, Claire Glisson, eloquently writes:

“Hum helps organizations act on this intelligence. The platform includes automation modules to distribute intelligence back out to systems to launch new experiences. In our estimation, the #1 drawback of generic CDPs is that they are overly complicated. They require an operator with advanced technical knowledge. Hum is easy for everyone on your staff to use. We’ve assumed the complexity on our side so the platform is easy for associations to get up and humming in no time.”

If you are ready to discuss what Hum can do for you, fill out our contact form here. We would love to discuss your association’s goals with you and learn how we can serve your vision.