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Hum is the most user-friendly customer data platform on the market. Our simple interfaces are built with association professionals in mind, and rest assured, no data science degree is required to interpret data gathered via the Hum platform. Your teams will be reaping the benefits of fully integrated association data in no time!


You know you should become a more data-driven organization, but your staff is already overloaded and technology migrations are hard. Is there an easy button?


  • Data Intelligence - Hum
  • Bring Your Systems - Hum integrates with absolutely any other system that has an API, and even some that don’t

Bring Your Systems

A Peek into the Hum Onboarding and Training Process

  1. We will integrate Hum across your digital properties - no migrations required!
  2. Our initial focus is on the top three integrations to give you a high-volume, virtuous, actionable data loop.  You can immediately start collecting new data, getting novel insights, and doing something with them.
  3. We have built a remarkably easy-to-master interface – the hard work is done behind the scenes. You get sophisticated analytics and insights with a beautiful UI, on one easy-to-use platform.
  4. Once we are integrated, we train your staff up to be able to start using Hum. Training and knowledge transfer are part of the package.
  5. With your license, you get ongoing support and training, so as new people join your organization, we make sure they are trained on best practices.

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