WATT Global Media, a prominent provider of business information and marketing solutions for the agrifood and pet food industries, has announced a new partnership with Hum to understand and leverage its audience and content in pursuit of its publishing goals.

Through this partnership, WATT Global Media will implement Hum's AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) and personalization suite to collect, connect and activate first-party reader data across its extensive network of media channels. This will enable WATT to gain a unified view of audience interests and behaviors, build richer customer profiles, and ultimately deliver more personalized and engaging digital experiences tailored to each reader's unique needs.

"For over a century, WATT has served as a trusted source of vital business intelligence for professionals in poultry, livestock, animal feed and pet food," said Andrew Smith, Director of Technology and Operational Optimization of WATT Global Media.

"As digital behaviors and expectations evolve, it's critical that we continue enhancing our ability to understand audience needs and interests at an individual level. Hum's AI and data intelligence solutions will empower us to connect more meaningfully with readers through smarter segmentation, targeted messaging and finely-tuned content experiences."

WATT joins a growing roster of prestigious publishers and B2B media organizations leveraging Hum's advanced customer data and AI solutions.

"WATT Global Media has an unparalleled reputation for editorial excellence and a deep commitment to serving the agrifood and pet food communities," said Dustin Smith, President and Co-founder of Hum.

"We're thrilled to partner with their team to help them activate their proprietary first-party data and elevate their segmentation and personalization capabilities to the next level."