Having faced the lowest economic downturn since the Great Depression, Millennials are a group that tend to be forward-thinking, independent, and unafraid of challenging authority figures. They are shaped by seeing their parents struggle during the recession, watching political turmoil such as 9/11, and ultimately disagreeing with Gen-Xers attempts to cling to conventionalism.

At the turn of the century, Millennials became the only generation to enter the workforce during the birth of the internet, making them true digital natives with tech-fluency (only falling a step behind Generation Z who have never witnessed life without the internet).

As Millennials reach the peak age of 40, they are in the prime stage of workforce assimilation. Despite this, they are known to be the slowest generation to achieve significant milestones (according to PewResearch.org).  

Hum’s latest infographic takes you into the mind of this target and why your association needs to understand their concerns before offering solutions!