Liz Heinberg

Liz Heinberg

Liz is a marketing and product professional with a longstanding passion for verbal identity and content strategy. She loves to both work and play with words. As a member of the Hum team and an "old millennial" (her words), Liz is excited about helping associations meet the needs and desires of younger generations.

By Liz Heinberg

  • What is a CDP and Does My Association Need One?

    What is a CDP and Does My Association Need One?

    Customer Data Platforms organize your previously scattered association data into one streamlined system. Good CDPs will go one step further - they will help you activate that data into marketing activity to engage your membership.

  • Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    With Hum, you’ll get inspiration for improving event programming from many data sources across your organization. Hum pulls real-time engagement trends from sources like your learning systems, website, blog, marketing, and, of course, recent events, to show you what your audience is most interested in. Use this information to improve future events content, and create new programming proven to excite and engage members, including those you are most keen to reach. Make your programming more relevant, comprehensive, interesting, and better aligned to specific potential attendee populations you may currently be missing.

  • How to Make Smarter Content

    How to Make Smarter Content

    You’ve heard of content strategy and content marketing, but how about content intelligence? Or, having a data-driven understanding of how your content is performing.

  • Creating Digital Networking Experiences Your Members will Love

    Creating Digital Networking Experiences Your Members will Love

    Savvy organizations and businesses have long known that a digital approach is key to success in our modern landscape. In 2020, Covid-19 forced digital practices onto those who clung to old ways of operating, and many events and conferences have shifted online. Physical events still have their place, but moving forward they will be complemented by (or in some cases replaced by) digital activities. Read on to get our guide to crafting digital networking experiences your members will love.