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  • Growing the Membership

    Growing the Membership

    Hum’s intelligence platform reveals deep, real-time behavioral insights about your members and your potential members. You gain a thorough understanding of individuals and groups that are most engaged with your content, events, and experiences. Use the topics that interest them to improve engagement, increase content consumption, and attract new members and a broader audience. On the flip side, Hum gives you the ability to analyze the behavior of members that aren’t engaging. Hum helps you understand why, so you can bring them back into the fold.

  • Inside the Millennial Mind Infographic

    Inside the Millennial Mind Infographic

    Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are presently the largest age group in the United States. Read on for a visual look at their interests and key drivers of behavior. Learn how to serve this important group of potential members and up-and-coming industry leaders.

  • Do We Need a CDP? Meet the Intelligence Software Built for Associations

    Do We Need a CDP? Meet the Intelligence Software Built for Associations

    Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become popular over the last decade because they listen to everything a user is telling you across your various systems. CDPs paint 360 pictures about how individuals and groups interact with your organization. CDPs can be complicated, sharing data that's very difficult to understand and act on. Enter the Association Intelligence Platform (AIP). This subset of CDPs exists to address concerns specific to non-profits like associations and societies.

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