Sponsor Engagement

  • Finding New Revenue Lines

    Finding New Revenue Lines

    Hum intelligence reveals the data you need to design strategies for new revenue opportunities. Hum also includes a set of features to help you bring those ideas to life. Read on to discover a use case where an association builds a paid webinar series from a set of high performing free content.

  • Increasing Sponsor Engagement with Events

    Increasing Sponsor Engagement with Events

    Learn Hum's approach to increasing sponsor engagement with digital event packages. Hum's use case series explores practical solutions for top association digital challenges. Get inspired to evolve your digital offerings as you browse scenarios and solutions by department.

  • Watch and Learn: HIMSS Success Stories

    Watch and Learn: HIMSS Success Stories

    In 2013 HIMSS CEO Steve Lieber began to shift the HIMSS model towards a digital-first landscape. Over the next few years, HIMSS experienced transformational growth across all operational functions as they expanded their reach and impact. How? By introducing a data-driven audience strategy to serve not just their core members, but also a highly engaged, global audience.

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