• Improving Event Marketing

    Improving Event Marketing

    When you have the ability to cultivate a larger audience and engage them year-round, event marketing is easier, and more targeted. Via Hum’s intelligence, you already know who will be interested in an event. And with targeted emails, based on Hum real-time segments, you have a high-impact, low-cost channel to nurture your audience toward event signups.

  • Creating Digital Networking Experiences Your Members will Love

    Creating Digital Networking Experiences Your Members will Love

    Savvy organizations and businesses have long known that a digital approach is key to success in our modern landscape. In 2020, Covid-19 forced digital practices onto those who clung to old ways of operating, and many events and conferences have shifted online. Physical events still have their place, but moving forward they will be complemented by (or in some cases replaced by) digital activities. Read on to get our guide to crafting digital networking experiences your members will love.

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