• 5 Ways to Protect Your Association From A Data Breach

    5 Ways to Protect Your Association From A Data Breach

    Don’t become static. Now is the time to implement strategies to protect your organization from a cybersecurity threat. As you digitally transform your organization, you will need to embrace new frameworks for monitoring your audience and member data. Here are the top 5 ways to protect your association against a data breach, including how to implement internal controls, developing password protocols, and how to create a data breach response plan!

  • Best Practices For Securing  Your Member Data

    Best Practices For Securing Your Member Data

    Hackers are constantly on the lookout for any weaknesses within your organization's systems. Once they discover these vulnerabilities, you will have little control over these cyber threats. Use this guide as you build your own data security best practices. We will cover things like how to classify your data, how to allocate password accessibility, how to determine which users should have access, and establishing policies that will evolve with your association in the future.

  • "Remote" vs. "Hybrid" vs. "Collocated" Explained

    "Remote" vs. "Hybrid" vs. "Collocated" Explained

    What's the difference between "remote", "hybrid" and "collocated" working environments? Any why is there so much jargon to describe what ultimately amounts to "working remotely?" Hum's Director of Delivery, Andrea Hoffman unpacks the language around remote work, and shares why these terms do matter when it comes to describing your office practices.

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