• Choosing your Software Stack: Monolithic vs. Microservices

    Choosing your Software Stack: Monolithic vs. Microservices

    As your association determines the best software stack for your needs, the debate rages on for microservices versus monolithic architectures. Both options communicate data about your members through cloud-based technology. While CMS leaders like SalesForce and HubSpot utilize Monoliths; tech giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Google prefer microservices. It may seem intimidating at first glance, so use this quick guide from Hum to break down these complex concepts into easily comprehensible pieces!

  • Improving Event Marketing

    Improving Event Marketing

    When you have the ability to cultivate a larger audience and engage them year-round, event marketing is easier, and more targeted. Via Hum’s intelligence, you already know who will be interested in an event. And with targeted emails, based on Hum real-time segments, you have a high-impact, low-cost channel to nurture your audience toward event signups.

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