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  • Maximizing Events with Member Journey Data

    Maximizing Events with Member Journey Data

    Associations already have great content, products and events. To compete with professional development alternatives, they need to improve the way they deliver those programs. Your data has a unique story to tell about what your members want from your association. Learn to map member journeys to maximize events and programs. This data-driven events strategy is key to operating in a digital-first environment.

  • Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    Optimizing Annual Meeting Programming

    With Hum, you’ll get inspiration for improving event programming from many data sources across your organization. Hum pulls real-time engagement trends from sources like your learning systems, website, blog, marketing, and, of course, recent events, to show you what your audience is most interested in. Use this information to improve future events content, and create new programming proven to excite and engage members, including those you are most keen to reach. Make your programming more relevant, comprehensive, interesting, and better aligned to specific potential attendee populations you may currently be missing.

  • Improving Engagement with Existing Content

    Improving Engagement with Existing Content

    The Hum Platform shares content intelligence that digs deep into engagement trends across all your digital content. Understand which topics, formats, and lengths are most popular, and see how content engages by segment. Use this information to repurpose your highest-performing content, and revisit pieces that could be great with just a tweak or two. Every piece of content is full of potential, and chances are, it just needs a little refreshing.

  • Improving Event Marketing

    Improving Event Marketing

    When you have the ability to cultivate a larger audience and engage them year-round, event marketing is easier, and more targeted. Via Hum’s intelligence, you already know who will be interested in an event. And with targeted emails, based on Hum real-time segments, you have a high-impact, low-cost channel to nurture your audience toward event signups.

  • Increasing Sponsor Engagement with Events

    Increasing Sponsor Engagement with Events

    Learn Hum's approach to increasing sponsor engagement with digital event packages. Hum's use case series explores practical solutions for top association digital challenges. Get inspired to evolve your digital offerings as you browse scenarios and solutions by department.

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